VSCO Film's Fujifilm Veliva emulation

I have been waiting for this. Sometimes when shooting landscapes I use the in camera Velvia emulation for creating JPEG's. I've found it hard to get similar results in Lightroom. Recently VSCO film released its Film Pack 04 which contains a bunch of Fujifilm simulations, including Provia, Astia and Veliva. Now, I have never shot these films in real film cameras. But I've tried out the Fujfilm X-Pro1 and X100s JPEG conversions done in the camera. Sometimes they work good, sometimes they don't. But I always shoot RAW at the same time. In a series of articles in the coming days and weeks I will be comparing the out of camera JPEG emulations to VSCO Film Pack 04 emulations applied to my RAW files in Lightroom 5.

The VSCO and Lightroom settings is written under each picture. The OOC JPEG (un processed straight out of camera JPEG) is Velvia, auto white balance. All other camera JPEG settings were at 0 or medium. The picture size is reduced during export from Lightroom. The VSCO profiles apply sharpening to a varying degree, depending on the film emulation selected. I have used these VSCO's Lightroom sharpening settings, even though I prefer Nik Pro Sharpener instead of Lightroom's sharpening. I try to make these example shots of VSCO easy to replicate, just a couple of clicks. In camera white balance is used on the VSCO files too.  Also, I've used Lightroom's auto tone for the raw files.

First here's an OOC JPEG:
Straight out of camera Velvia emualted JPEG.
Here's VSCO film Veliva Film 50:
VSCO Veliva 50 with auto tone applied.
I don't know if it's easy to see in the above example, but the VSCO profiles for Velvia add some artificial grain to the picture. For the coming examples I've turned the grain off - because that's my personal preference, and also the in camera JPEG doesn't have any grain added to it.  Sometimes the blue colors in VSCO Velvia emulations can go a little crazy. Therefore, VSCO has added a -1 and -2 Blue setting for these situations. So here's another sample of the same picture with No grain, and - 2 VSCO Blue.:

VSCO Velvia 50 with auto tone, no extra grain applied, Vsco blue -2 setting. 
Sometimes the VSCO profiles gives you a bit too much of everything, and for all their film profiles they've added a minus 1 and minus 2 that have a somewhat muted effect. They've even added +1 and +2 versions for those situations when you really want to "go over the top". Here's a VSCO Veliva 50 -1 version. I have not down adjusted the blue colors with Vsco blue this time, just used the Velvia 50 Minus as it is:
VSCO Veliva 50 Minus with auto tone, no extra grain applied.

That's better I think. I like this one over the in camera JPEG anyway. Here's a few more examples. Please read the text under each picture to see the settings:

VSCO Veliva 50 Landscape with auto tone, no extra grain aplied, Vsco Blue -2 setting.
The above picture is again VSCO Veliva 50, but in a version VSCO call "Velvia 50 Landscape". My first impresson is that it's maybe a bit warmer? It's pushing the reds and oranges a bit up maybe? The above version again with Vsco Blue -2 applied.

VSCO Veliva 50 Landscape with auto tone, no extra grain applied.
This is VSCO Veliva 50 Landscape again, but without the Vsco Blue -2 setting applied to it.

VSCO have a Velia 100 version also, here's an example of that:
VSCO Velvia 100 with auto tone, no extra grain applied.
The VSCO Veliva 100 also comes in minus and plus variants, as well as "Landscape" versions. And all these Velvia emulations comes in a WARM Balance version. Here's an example of that:
VSCO Veliva 50 Warm Balance with auto tone, no extra grain added.
For the above versions, I kept the blue colors as the standard warm profile adjusts them, so the minus 2 blue setting is not used. 

As always, I think the VSCO profiles gives very good starting points for your own adjustments. Sometimes they are spot on, more or less, sometimes you need to apply some extra settings to get the really good results. So far, I really like VSCO Film 04. I will put up more examples later, both of the Provia and Astia emulations... stay tuned..

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