Fujifilm X-Pro1 - Street photography JPEG

Earler I posted some street shots here. Those pictures were made from the RAW files processed in Lighroom 4.3. For them I tweaked many parameters, including white balance, exposure, converted some into black&white and so on.  But many Fujifilm X-Pro1 and XE-1 photographers are very pleased with the out of camera JPEG quality. For me, part of the photography is the post processing, so I like to shoot in RAW and tweak the pictures myself. Even though the results in other peoples opinion sometimes are better out of the camera, I like to do this also to learn Lightroom and post processing.

Anyway, I thought I should post some of same street shots, but this time with no post processing, just JPEGS out of the camera. I usually shot in JPEG  + RAW, which made this comparison possible. But some of the pictures in my other post was only shot in RAW, so no reason to post JPEGS of them here since then it would be the ACR/Lightroom engine resonsible for the look, and not Fujifilm.

No tweaking is done to white balance, color og exposure. Unfortuneately I can't remember the in camera settings for JPEG. The only thing I've done on my PC is to crop them into the same size and framing as the RAW pictures in my other post so the comparison is easier.

This in one I shot with B&W for the JPEG in camera. 

Maybe I could have opened up the shadows a bit in lightroom, but I chose no to so that you could see how the light meter on X-Pro chose to handle this. I think it's actually pretty good.

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