First impression of the Fujfilm X100s

As much as I like my Fujifilm X-pro1 I still feel the need for a camera that I can put in my pocket. Also, I've been missing a 35mm (in full frame) lens, and knowing that the 23mm (which on that camera gives 35mm) lens for the X-pro1 doesn't come out until early 2014, I recently bought myself a Fujfilm X-100s.

The Fujfilm x100s has an X-trans sensor like the X-pro1, and the 23mm f/2.0 lens, on the 1.5 cropped sensor, gives me what I've been looking for. The marketing guys over at Fuji have been hyping the autofocus on the X100s to be very, very fast. So I was curious to see if that was correct. Unfortunately I can not confirm this to be true. Yet. Not with the current firmware, 1.01. Maybe it's faster than the old x100, but after a couple of hours shooting on the street, I can't say it outperforms my X-pro1 in a way that really made me notice it. That being said, outside in good light, and after the latest firmware updates, my X-pro1 is pretty fast anyway. So, even though the X100s doesn't seem to give me anything extra over the X-pro in terms of autofocus speed, I'm happy with the performance. And if Fujfilm continues to improve on their firmware on this camera like in the past, I'm sure we'll see some improvement in the autofocusing performance too.

Some street photographers prefer to shoot with a 35mm lens, and some prefer a 50mm. I've sometimes felt that my Fuji XF 35mm (which is 53mm on a cropped sensor like the X-pro1/X100s has) sometimes has been to narrow when on the street. Especially if I want to capture more of the buildings and architecture around my subjects. Likewise, the XF 18mm lens (27mm in FF) has been to wide for me. So, the X100s fits right between these two with its 23mm lens (35mm in FF). Also, for indoors use, it should be execellent.

Here are some shots. All these photos are from rawfiles postprocessed in Lightroom 4.4.

So, am I happy? Oh yes. Quite so. But... being so used to the 35mm lens on the X-pro1, sometimes I didn't get close enough to my subjects. So, some of these shots are cropped somewhat. I need more practise! But it was fun to shoot with, and being dead silent, I wasn't so scared of disturbing the people I was photographing. That was nice. 

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