Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fuji X-pro1 winter pictures

On Christmas day I was out testing my Fujifilm X-pro 1 in a cold condition again. I was out for about 2 hours, and it was - 13 degrees celcius. The camera worked flawlessly. I love using this camera. All of these shots are done with Fujifilm X-pro1 with either the 18mm or 35mm lens (27mm and 53mm full frame). They are JPG shots using the Black&white yellow filter output option. The shots are from the Trysil area in south eastern Norway.


  1. Hi LVM,

    Beautiful display of winter scenery! When You say: all shot with in-camera yellow filter b/w film simulation mode do you also mean to say these are SOOC-jpgs with no post-processing? Just curious...

    Best regards

  2. I've done some post processing. But I used the jpegs as starting points.

  3. Winter shots can be awesome. Great stuff.

  4. I found your photography simple and thoughtful. After all, simple photos are the most difficult to take. Great work!


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